Hadjigiorkis Flourmill Museum

The Hadjigiorkis Flourmill Museum is an initiative of Cyprus Millers by Hadjigiorkis that contributes to the promotion of the Cypriot rural and cultural heritage.

The Museum hosts artefacts and interactive activities, building a platform to help the visitors connect to the past human experience related to the evolution of wheat production, flour milling and bread-making processes in Cyprus throughout the centuries.

Its inspirer Mr. Costas Koshis, the eldest son of Savvas Hadjigiorkis, observing the increasing interest of students, who visited the company, to learn more about the history of the milling procedure, decided to create this museum in 2010, to showcase how the past milling practices meet the future ones into the present, with the same passion and dedication.

In 2016, the museum was renovated to offer an interactive experience where the visitors get acquainted with the history behind Cypriot wheat production grind wheat using hand-mills, just like in Neolithic Cyprus, feel the fresh flour coming from the same stone-mill of Savvas and Katerina Hadjigiorki in the 1940s and make traditional sourdough Cypriot bread.

Since its foundation the museum has published six annual calendars featuring Cypriot proverbs related to the thematic of wheat and flour, and lyrics. Moreover, the museum organised along with the theatrical organization Pocket Theatre 3 theatrical educational programs featuring traditional fairy-tales regarding Greek and Cyprus agriculture and bread-making educational workshops, approved by the Ministry of Education.

Furthermore, the Museum hosts adult vocational learning seminars, and participates in various touristic programs. Hadjigiorkis Flourmill Museum has been recognized for its valuable contribution in Cyprus tourism by Cyprus Hotel Association-Famagusta in 2018 and by Cyprus Tourism Award in 2020, receiving a Gold Medal in Museums/Historical Sites, Cultural Sites, Events, Routes Category. Hadjigiorkis Flourmill Museum is included amongst the destinations of “Heartland of Legends”, the authentic route of Cypriot Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

During the months of March – May 2023, the museum offers guided tours along with traditional pasta making workshops, for students and tourisms.


Styliana Hadjigeorgiou - Museum Curator

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