frequently asked questions

1. How can I contact you?

You can call us at the company’s main line at 23821043 or send an email to [email protected]. For orders, you can contact the Customer Service Department, at 77771945.

2. Where are your company’s facilities located?

We are located at 80 Foti Pitta Avenue, PC 5350, Frenaros, Famagusta area. The company maintains a branch in Limassol: 13, Tsiflikoudion Str, PC 3010 Limassol, Cyprus, 25571360

3. What are the operating hours of the company?

You can find us at our offices of our company or by phone at 77771945 and 23821043, from Monday to Thursday 7:00 – 16:00 and Friday 7: 00-14: 00.

1. Where can I contact for information on the sale of products?

You can contact Mr. Christos Koutsioumbris, Sales Manager, at +35723821043, +35799665905 and at  [email protected]

2. Is there a possibility of custom made products?

Of course, our professional and highly trained team of the Product Design & Production department of Cyprus Millers by Hadjigiorkis can design custom made products that meet the philosophy of your company. You can contact Mr. Costas Michael, Director of Trade & Business Development, at +35723821043, +35799484922 and at [email protected]

3. Is it possible to produce private label products?

Of course, the well-trained team of Cyprus Millers by Hadjigiorkis can design, produce and package Private Label products that meet your company philosophy. For information, you can contact Mr. Costas Michael, Director of Trade & Business Development, at +35723821043, +35799484922 and at [email protected]

4. Where do the grains used in the company come from?

The company uses Cypriot cereals as well as cereals imported from other countries such as France, Hungary and Canada.

5. Where can you get our products?

You can find our complete range of products at the facilities of our company, in Frenaros: Hadjigeorgiou Mills 80, Foti Pitta Avenue, PC 5350, as well as in the Limassol branch: 13 Tsiflikoudion Str, PC 3010, Limassol, 25571360, 77771945.

6. Where can you get 5kg packaging products?

Products in 5kg package can be purchased at our company’s facilities and its branches (see above) as well as from our following partners in all provinces:


  • Andreas Augoustis Ltd, 42 Stadiou, Strovolos, Tel: 22422711
  • TRTD Discount Store, Kokkinotrimithia, Tel: 22822635
  • Ioannidis Supermarkets: 33 Sporadon, Anthoupoli, Tel: 22 818180
  • G. Dimitriadis (Colonial), Arch. Makariou C ‘275, Lakatamia, Tel: 22 386515
  • Colonial “The Cheap Basket”, 4 United Nations Square, Strovolos 22424487
  • Hadjikostas Supermarket, Griva Digeni 10, Astromeritis, Tel: 22821448


  • Lysiotis Supermarket, 4th street No.72, 4620 Episkopi, Tel: 25932652


  • Patroklos Chrysostomou, 40, Leontiou Machera, Tel: 24637360
  • Fotis Chrysostomou Supermarket, 53 Anastasiou Manoli, Xylofagou, 24725557

Ammochostos (Famagusta):

  • Kokkinos Supermarket, 1st of April, Paralimni, Tel. 23 821427
  • MAS Frenaros, 4 Archangelou Michael, Frenaros, Tel. 23 820360
  • MAS A & A Voskou, 2 Griva Digeni, Sotira, Tel: 23 824784
  • Mega Cash and Carry, 48 Famagusta, Deryneia, Tel: 23811901



1. Where can I contact for product quality issues and technical support?

You can contact Mr. George Tziortzis, Bakery and Confectionery Technician at [email protected] .

2. Does the company have a distribution network for wholesale?

The company has a national wholesale distribution network which caters and accommodates the needs of your company. Contact 77771945 and our colleagues will make sure you immediately receive your wholesale products.

1. Do you export your products?

For years, we have been exporting our specialised and custom-made products to the United Kingdom and Greece. For further information, you can contact Mr. Costas Michael, Director of Trade & Business Development, at +35723821043, at +35799484922 and at [email protected].

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