Cyprus Millers by Hadjigiorkis is a leading Cypriot flour industry, specialising in the development, production, packaging, sale and distribution of flour products. It is, also, active in the import, sale and distribution of other raw materials for bakery, confectionery and Ho.Re.Ca.

Since 1945, when we incorporated the art of grinding into our lives, our passion for excellent quality in the production of flour remains unquenchable. Following in the footsteps of innovation, dedication and collaboration, the Hadjigiorki Mills were kneaded from a family mill to a state-of-the-art flour mill.

Shortly before the middle of the 20th century, Savvas and Katerina Hadjigiorki had a vision; to create a unit of stone mills in the yard of their house, in Sotira, Famagusta, to serve the needs of Famagusta district. In 1980, their hard work as well as of their descendants and reliable collaborators, the company Savvas Hadjigiorkis & Sons Ltd was established, based in Frenaros.


Since then, after four significant overhauls and two acquisitions of flour production units, the company has managed to become the leading flour industry in Cyprus while focusing on offering consistent quality products and excellent customer service. The company has developed into a modern flour industry with sixteen (16) grain storage facilities (silos), with a total capacity of 20,000 tons, a modernly equipped Quality Control Laboratory, a national distribution system and the ability to export its products to the international market.

The company is renamed into Cyprus Millers by Hadjigiorkis in 2020, therefore, making a wide opening from the local to the global market chain. While being dedicated to the service and needs of our customers and partners, we offer a wider range of innovative products and services of excellent quality which undoubtedly respect the environment, sources of raw materials and tradition.







Craftsmanship: Our Art

The mill has always been the heart of the company. At first, the grinding was done with the power of our hands. Today, though, the company is fully equipped with high-tech machines, in order to be able to offer high-quality products and services. Our need for modernisation and investment are our main guides towards innovation. These are the pillars of the company, which guarantee our high-quality specifications. That’s why we always invest in certified quality machines and dedicated partners, with whom we share the same ambitions. We are pioneers with the goal to remain a consistent and trustworthy partner at your disposal.

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Raw Materials

We care about the quality of the raw material we supply to ensure the high quality of the product that will eventually reach your hands. Consequently, we choose the finest grains from the production of Cyprus, as well as from other countries such as France, Hungary and Canada.

The route of the wheat, from the production stage to the warehouses of our company, marks lots of stations. Grains, of either local or international production arrive at the company by truck. Upon arrival, the goods are weighed and multiple samples are taken from different parts of the cargo, so that a reliable quality control can be carried out. The sampling process is repeated throughout the collection. Then, the samples go through a process of thorough inspections in our specialized Quality Control Laboratory to examine their quality characteristics. Once evaluated, the grains that meet our excellent quality standards, are stored in sixteen (16) silos, with a total capacity of 20,000 tons located at the premises of Cyprus Millers by Hadjigiorkis.

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Local Sourcing

Cyprus Millers by Hadjigiorkis invests in a strong chain that unites the local wheat producer with the consumer, making sure that a large part of the wheat that will be used in our production originated from local production. Our concern is to maintain a long-term, strong and successful relationship with our local producers, that benefits the local community.

The future of wheat depends on all of us. Cyprus Millers by Hadjigiorkis works closely with wheat producers and other stakeholders with the aim to continuously improve the bakery quality of Cypriot wheat and turn it into a sustainable agricultural product; hence, reducing its environmental footprint.

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Hadjigiorkis Mills… dedicated to quality. Since 1945, when our foundations were set, we have been offering products of incomparable quality with unparalleled dedication. Our beloved grandparents have always believed in the value of quality and sustainable collaborations.

“Every day you have to do everything for the best.” We make a difference, starting with the right choices.

The choice of our company’s products is a choice of mastery and dedication. Our colleagues in the technical department are continuously by your side to provide you the support you need. We want to ensure you have a smooth supply of quality products and processes, so that you can focus on your other responsibilities.

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For years, we have been exporting our specialised and custom-made products to the United Kingdom and Greece.

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Cyprus Millers is a family company. Founded in 1945. All these years people have made the difference. I am proud that we have always been able to count on our employees. Together we make the difference.


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Together we can make the difference. If you want to be part of our team, it’s always possible to send us your cv and letter. We may not have a vacancy for you at the moment, but we may have one in the future.

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